How To Apply A B14 Carbon Mast Collar

Required Items

  • Masking tape
  • Sand Paper – 80 or 120 grit wet or dry
  • Epoxy resin
  • Micro fibre powder (glue powder) or pre-prepared epoxy glue mix
  • Acetone solvent


  • Measure off the collar position on the mast. Measuring from the base of the carbon mast (not the heel), top of the collar should be at 295mm and the bottom at 215mm. Wrap masking tape above or below these points respectively.
  • Sand the region with 80 or 120 grit paper to remove the shine and provide a scratched surface for good bonding. Similarly sand the inside of the collar. If using dry paper care should be taken to avoid breathing in the carbon dust – wear a dust mask.
  • If wet paper was used dry the mast and collar.
  • Wipe the mast and collar with acetone on a clean rag.


  • Remove the heel plug fastenings and see if the collar fits over the heel plug, if not remove the heel plug as well.
  • Remove the bottom masking tape to allow the collar to be slid into position.
  • Mix the epoxy resin (approximately 50g) and add glue fibre until the mix is stiff (like porridge) and doesn’t drip off your stirrer.
  • Apply the glue to the mast and a very small amount to the collar (just wet the surface).
  • Slide the collar into position, ensuring some glue remains underneath; remove excess glue.
  • Check the collar is in the right position (top at 295mm from the base)
  • Remove masking tape. Clean off excess glue from the mast and collar with acetone on a rag.
  • Allow glue to set. Hold the collar in position with a small amount of masking tape if it is likely to move while curing.