How To T-Ball Your Mast

Before starting this process, review your mast layout and spend some time preparing.

  • Use a T-Ball fitting that is the high load type. This has a lip the entire way around the opening and spreads the load better.
  • Mark the bearing point of your T-Ball.
  • Scribe the T-Ball hole allowing for the lip and cut the hole. Make it fit neatly.
  • If you're using a twist drill to cut your holes, drill the hole undersized and enlarge it to the correct size with a file to get a neat hole.
  • Once it's a good fit as seen below, drill holes that will secure the T-Ball backing plate.
  • Prepare all surfaces to be glued by cleaning with Acetone/Solvent. Mix up Epoxy with some Microfibre glue-powder until a thick paste is formed. Consistent enough so it will not drip off a paddle pop stick.
  • Apply Glue to the T-Ball backing plate. Put the backing plate through the hole and move into position with a thin piece of wire. Put a T_ball through the hole and backing plate to hold it in position while you rivet it in place. Rivet the bottom rivet first.
  • Remove excess glue with acetone or solvent.

We publish this information in good faith and to assist our customers to get the best performance out of their equipment, we do not take responsibility for customer assembly.