How To Join Your Mast

Before starting this process, check to ensure that you have all relevant tube and sleeving. Review your mast layout and spend some time preparing.

Some tubes have stiffening bands or track faces, so make sure you understand where these are to be located before commencing gluing. Remember, measure twice and cut once.

  • Cut the Base and Tip panels to length (sometimes mid panel as well). Leave the base panel over length a little so it can be tuned later. Before cutting the Tip section, check the cut position relative to the CST datum mark. Also check the patching for fittings. This is important to ensure T_Balls and other fittings fall within the designated areas.
  • Cut sleeving to the correct lengths, sleeving may be used in high load areas. These sleeves may need to be sanded. It is a good idea to wet sand with a bucket of water or wear a dust mast if dry sanding. FOr joining sleeves make sure they are tight in both sections, so that the majority of the slop is removed. Reinforcing sleeves for areas such as the gooseneck can be sanded so they are a little looser and easy to fix.
  • Prepare all surfaces to be glued by cleaning with Acetone/Solvent.
  • For joining the mast, mark the middle of the joining sleeve. If you wish to remove in the future, lightly wax the inside of one section, i.e. tip.
  • Mix up Epoxy with some microfibre glue-powder until a thick paste is formed. Consistent enough so it will not drip off a paddle pop stick.
  • Coat the sleeve with the mix and push it in and out of each section to remove air bubbles. Push the two sections together and make sure that the joiner sleeve is evenly placed in the base and tip panel.
  • Before the glue sets, line up the mast straight in the vertical plane as well as the horizontal plane. Leave the mast supported so it will set straight.
  • Reinforcing sleeves should be glued.
  • Fittings should be glued/riveted or glued/tapped/machine screws. This removes slop from the system.

We publish this information in good faith and to assist our customers to get the best performance out of their equipment, we do not take responsibility for customer assembly.