How to use your ILCA replacement wear patch

1. Before removing the old shim NOTE the orientation of the shim.

- Top shim – join is on the front

- Bottom Shim – Join is on the back


2. Start by completely removing the old shim taking care not to cut yourself on any sharp edges of the shim if it has been chipped. A sharp blade may be needed to help lift the lip of the shim in order to peel it off.



3. Once the shim has been removed sand the surface underneath using 80-120 grit

sandpaper until the surface is visibly roughed up. Next thoroughly acetone wipe the

surface to remove any dust or residue from the sanding and leave to dry for a few




4. Next and lay out the following in the clear workspace:

- Supplied replacement shim with adhesive backing

- Brown tape (or similar)

- Supplied clear tension tape

- Heat gun

- Stanley knife/blade or scissors

- Clock or timer

- IR thermometer (optional)


5. Remove the brown paper backing off the supplied replacement shim and lightly place onto tube adhesive side down. Take care to ensure shim is straight so that it lines up once wrapped around tube. Once shim is straight firmly press onto tube surface and wrap around carefully ensuring full contact with the tube. Take your blade or scissors and trim off any excess adhesive that may be overlapping onto the shim and then press down shim firmly. The adhesive should hold the shim in place, however if it does not hold itself down, use a small piece of masking tape to hold the ends together.