Moth Masts

Moth Masts

Moth Masts

moth-new-labels-gradient-61056.1399272307.1280.1280-43249.1525501124.jpgCST has worked closely with its Moth team sailors, always evolving and developing our product range in order to remain ahead of the opposition.

Our primary objective is to make masts that suit popular sail brands and that work for a wide range of sailor weights. The result? CST sailors have more options than any other manufacturer, allowing them to reach new levels of performance.

In 2018 Paul Goodison won the Worlds using the DS1 Mast, which is targeted at the top end of the fleet.

The DS2 Mast is the perfect choice for an all-rounder, being suitable for all conditions and sailing levels.

The DS4 Mast is slightly stiffer and easier to sail downwind.


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  • Tow Pro Pack

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    Tow Pro Pack is the new generation CST Tow Preg Moth mast We understand that one mast size doesn't fit all!  The Tow Pro Pack is designed to suit sailors of a wide range of sizes and weights, providing the flexibility to easily customize masts to...
    Metal fittings isolated and hard anodised
    Fixed Shipping:
    Domestic: $50, International: $200
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