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Product NameProduct SKUDrawing
Carbon Battens Pultruded B-CE10 Coming Soon
Carbon Whisker Tubes C-AA22215 Coming Soon
Tip Plug R-PL-CST-1906 Coming Soon
Exocet Heel Plug R-PL-CST-2610 Coming Soon
18ft Skiff Wing Kit Complete (Standard, Intermediate or High) S-AS-CST-0028 Coming Soon
18ft Skiff Spreaders S-AS-CST-0480 Coming Soon
Fibreglass Sail Track S-AS-CST-0481-1 Coming Soon
Carbon Female Gooseneck S-AS-CST-0726 Coming Soon
16ft Spinnaker Pole S-AS-CST-1948-1 Coming Soon
High Modulus Moth Straight Boom ID80mm x 40mm S-AS-CST-1960-1 Coming Soon
18ft Skiff Mast Rigging Package S-AS-CST-203 Coming Soon
High Modulus Rectangular 18ft Skiff Boom S-AS-CST-2042 Coming Soon
I14 Mast Rigging Package S-AS-CST-2459-2 Coming Soon
Mainsheet Hangers - suit 40mm Rectangular Boom S-AS-CST-2468-1 Coming Soon
Mainsheet Hangers suit 50mm Rectangular Boom S-AS-CST-2540 Coming Soon
Two Carbon ‘flip-flop block’ Mainsheet Hangers S-AS-CST-2608 Coming Soon
Single Carbon ‘flip-flop block’ Mainsheet Hanger S-AS-CST-2608-1 Coming Soon
Moth Bent Boom Joiner S-AS-CST-2803 Coming Soon
Moth Add-on Vang Attachment S-CST-2468-2 Coming Soon
Main Sail Carbon Batten (No.1 or No.2) B-CE1 Coming Soon
Push Vang Arm – Carbon Epoxy Tube C-AA25425 Coming Soon
Cherub Bowsprit, Carbon Expoxy Tube – L2100mm C-AA44725 Coming Soon
ID57.1mm, W1.8mm, Carbon Epoxy Tube – Rack Tube C-AA57118 Coming Soon
ID63.6mm, W1.8mm, Carbon Epoxy Tube - FrontWing Perpendicular sleeve C-AA63618B Coming Soon
ID20.0mm, W1.3mm, Carbon Aramid Epoxy Tube C-AE20013 Coming Soon
ID69.0 x 29.0mm, W2.2mm, Carbon Epoxy Tube, Streamline Foil – Rear Wing Perpendicular tube C-EA69022H Coming Soon
ID75.0 x 35.0mm, W2.5mm, Carbon Epoxy Tube, IM Fibre, Squared Elliptical C-EB75025 Coming Soon
ID57.1mm, W3.0mm, Carbon Epoxy Tube, IM Fibre – Front Wing Perpendicular tube D-AB57130 Coming Soon
Sail Track Feeder R-FT-A0924 Coming Soon
Moth Moulded Carbon Forestay Tang R-MO-CST-2366 Coming Soon
Moth Gooseneck R-MO-CST-3517 Coming Soon
Heel Plug R-PL-CST-0047 Coming Soon
Heel Plug - 40 Mast Series R-PL-CST-0084-1 Coming Soon
Non-Captive Pin Quick Release Mast Tip Fitting R-PL-CST-2769 Coming Soon
Captive Pin Quick Release Mast Tip Fitting S-AS-CST-0029-2 Coming Soon
Contender Tip Plug S-AS-CST-0110-1 Coming Soon
Tapered Carbon Spinnaker Pole (Intermediate or High) S-AS-CST-0207 Coming Soon
Standard Mach 2 Moth Heel Plug S-AS-CST-0237A Coming Soon
I14 Modulus Spinnaker Pole – bare tube (Standard or High) S-AS-CST-0276/0511 Coming Soon
B14 2 Piece Mast, 50 Series S-AS-CST-0287-1 Coming Soon
Cherub Mast S-AS-CST-0319-1 Coming Soon
Contender Mast 1pc S-AS-CST-0381-1 Coming Soon
Contender Mast 2pc S-AS-CST-0381-2 Coming Soon
16 Series Carbon/Aramid Tiller Extension S-AS-CST-0447 Coming Soon
20 Series Carbon/Aramid Tiller Extension S-AS-CST-0449 Coming Soon
20 Series Carbon/Aramid Tiller Extension - Cherub (1250mm) S-AS-CST-0449-1 (Cherub) Coming Soon
Series 20 Carbon/Aramid Tiller Extension 2200mm S-AS-CST-0449-3 (B14, Contender, I14, 16ft) Coming Soon
20 Series Carbon/Aramid Tiller Extension - Moth (1650mm) S-AS-CST-0449-6 (Moth) Coming Soon
Carbon Fibre Sail Track S-AS-CST-0481-3B Coming Soon
B14 Acetyl Wing End Socket S-AS-CST-0496-2 Coming Soon
B14 Acetyl Wing Inner Bush S-AS-CST-0496-3 Coming Soon
B14 Acetyl Wing End Plug S-AS-CST-0496-4 Coming Soon
Standard Modulus B14 Wing Kit Complete S-AS-CST-0503-1 Coming Soon
Standard Modulus B14 Wing Kit - Without Wing Joints S-AS-CST-0503-3 Coming Soon
Gooseneck Fitting (Suits 66 Series Mast) S-AS-CST-0693 Coming Soon
Carbon-X-D1 Fitting S-AS-CST-0694 Coming Soon
High Modulus Moth Tapered Bent Boom 15 degree S-AS-CST-1960-4 Coming Soon
Complete 16ft Skiff Mast (#1 or #2) S-AS-CST-1999 Coming Soon
18ft Skiff Mast S-AS-CST-203 Coming Soon
High Modulus Carbon Boom section ID125x50mm, W2.0mm Complete S-AS-CST-2038-4 Coming Soon
Cherub Boom Section S-AS-CST-2041 Coming Soon
Spreader Attachment Fitting S-AS-CST-2328A Coming Soon
I14 Mast, 57 Series, High Modulus Carbon (HM4) S-AS-CST-2459-1 Coming Soon
Moth Lever Vang Kit Complete S-AS-CST-2624-4 Coming Soon
Moulded Carbon D1 Fitting S-AS-CST-2706 Coming Soon
Glue-on Vang Fitting S-AS-CST-2745-2 Coming Soon
F11 Mast Complete Excludes Wires and halyards S-AS-CST-2751 Coming Soon
Rectangular Contender Boom (Standard or High Modulus) S-AS-CST-2775 Coming Soon
Adjustable Spreader Kit - Series 40 S-AS-CST-2835 Coming Soon
Gooseneck Fitting (Suits 40 Series) S-AS-CST-2967-40 Coming Soon
Adjustable Spreader Kit- 57 Series S-AS-CST-3031 Coming Soon
Deck Sweeper 35 Series - 5100mm S-AS-CST-3691 Coming Soon
Intermediate 35 Series - 5220mm S-AS-CST-3693 Coming Soon
Full Length 35 Series - 5300mm S-AS-CST-3694 Coming Soon
Gooseneck Fitting, Suits 57 Series Mast S-AS-CST-568-1A Coming Soon
Spinnaker Pole S-CST-0025 Coming Soon
High Modulus Carbon Rear Wing Bars S-CST-0514-1 Coming Soon
Int 14 Laminted Vang Fitting S-CST-2033-3 Coming Soon